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Sorry, haven't been on here lately to post pictures. I can't believe in only a couple more months, my fur kid will be 3 years old. Time flies!

Shango's tree is definitely one of his favorite napping spots.
It's impossible to open a box without Shango having to check it out 1st.

Shango loves walking through the taller grass out in the field. Great location for hunting grasshoppers and he has even caught mice before.... A couple months ago he even caught a baby gofer. Pretty impressive considering his leash is only 6 ft long.
Shango3.jpg Shango4.jpg Gofer.jpg

Enjoying his evening walk before a rain storm. 1st time he ever decided to climb up on the top of a truck.

There's a butterfly wand toy at Pet Smart he goes crazy for... unfortunately it gets destroyed pretty easily, but I still like to buy him a new one every once in a while just because he loves it so much.

I saw this cute fringe frenzy tunnel at Wal-Mart and bought it without bothering to read the dimensions 1st.... it was a lot smaller than I realized. He gets caught up in it easily and walks around with it lol!
Shango7.jpg Shango8.jpg Shango9.jpg

He's not supposed to be in these *kitten holes that are above my kitchen cabinets. I thought they were a great place to put breakable decor items thinking the scat mats would keep him off the kitchen counters.... My plan worked for over a year and then one day I had shattered glass all over my kitchen floor, scratch marks on my pretty wood cabinets and a very guilty looking cat. Now that he's cleared out the space, he's jumped up there a couple more times just to prove he can. I'm thinking about possibly making some kind of glass doors since I'd rather not have a bunch of scratch marks on the cabinets and I definitely don't want him jumping down onto my hood range.
Shango10.jpg Shango11.jpg

The best thing about cold weather.... Shango enjoys relaxing in front of the fireplace.