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Spay incision question. Pics added.


Staff member
Poor girl, she's really had a tough time. Not surprised she has diarrhea what with the stress, meds, diet changes. I hope the latest round of meds works for her and she starts to bounce back. Must be stressful for you too. Hugs.


Savannah Super Cat
Yeah, it was pretty stressful. The lady from the rescue gave her personal cell number & said if we needed to meet up so she could get her some sub q fluids & antibiotic shot that she would come by my house at any time, day or night. So I called her at 8 when I noticed & her phone was off. They didn't leave me any info as to where to take her if there were an emergency.

I ended up paying for ll of it out of pocket. Pretty sure I'm just going to go up there today, sign adoption papers, and be DONE with them. :/ Which I know sucks for the animals who needs foster homes but there are other rescues I could work with


Staff member
I totally understand. Rescue is hard work and it's difficult to get the right people to run the organization. Very frustrating when, due to money issues or inadequate management, the animals sometimes are not given top notch care.


Staff member
I'm very glad to hear that Sarabi is doing better, thank goodness you decided to take her to the ER vet! She is a very lucky lady to be adopted into such a wonderful home!!


I was browsing around and found this thread... Kinda old but I remember going thru something similar with my rescue cat as well. I didn't sleep for a couple weeks! During that time she started her bed wetting and since then we can't let her in the bedroom unsupervised...
I agree sometimes they don't get top notch care, they didn't even send her home with a cone! Pretty sure that would have prevented the infection in the first place. Arrrggg.