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Taji has inflammatory bowel disease


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This is an expensive suggestion, but there is a company here in NJ called D'Artagnan, and the meats are all organic or wild.
It is meant for human consumption, but we always share with our (VERY SPOILED) boys, and they have yet to get sick from anything from D'Artagnan. May be worth a try if all other avenues are exhausted. When Mickey was so sick in December and January (he went from 9 pounds to 6 pounds), I fed him organic meat from them for nearly 4 weeks- I personally think it made a huge difference in helping get him healthy again, and I was able to re-introduce (different) prepared foods; he now up to 12.5 pounds of muscle, and to me, that is much more important to me than how much I spent feeding three kitties D'artagnan for 4 weeks.

Nikki, where do you get it? And what kind do you feed? Is that the brand I see at Shoprite?


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I cook the meat our boys get. I did not grind, I don't have a grinder. I would cut it up into small pieces, and I hand fed Mickey, and we put food for D and Jarvis in their dishes.
At the time, Mickey was not eating anything on his own.
It was probably not the best thing in the world for them, but Mickey was down to skin and bones, I didn't know what else to do, and the vet thought that he was allergic to something in his food, but we were not sure what.

Brigitte Cowell

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Thanks Brigitte. What other rabbit sources can you recommend? Mine run hot and cold on HareToday rabbit. I used to get from a place in Washington state (can't remember the name) & they loved it but she couldn't keep up with demand for her product. I'll also give HareToday rabbit pieces a try if the ground is rejected.

Do you mean WholeFoods4Pets, that's the place I still get rabbit from...but she's not taking new customers and often I have to wait some weeks until she has enough to ship a full order to me...

I also get rabbit from, they have a monthly delivery schedule that brings the order to the East Bay that I can go pick it up from...

John Popp

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Just a note that I don't want to throw Hare Today under the bus as they have been great for us and I haven't found anything wrong with their product that varies from just introducing different foods to our cats.

On rabbit especially, I have found two things that don't work for us from Hare Today. First being whole ground rabbit including fur. Some of our cats won't eat it and the ones who do end up with some furry yak. Not fun to clean up and I avoid it. The other product is the whole ground rabbit which includes the skull and it's contents. Much the same way as my cats don't like gizzards, I don't think they have a palate for brain matter either. When I grind up a quartered rabbit and use plenty of rabbit organs they love it! Just need to stay away from the stuff above the neck, and that's something I have no interest ing grinding myself.

Yes Deborah, I'm frail and weak with a sensitive heart and fond memories of Thumper. Hope you're happy that I had to say that in public.


Savannah Super Cat
We drove 90 miles round trip (I love little road trips and a change of scenery!) to pick up several large, dressed, frozen rabbits. Triton just loves rabbit, and so far, is a very healthy cat. I'm sorry to hear about Taji's health issues. I hope he gets better soon.

John Popp

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John, you can get whole ground rabbit without the fur...

For sure Paige! I am aware of that and I do so on a regular basis. For convenience I just get the rabbit pieces as it's the same price and I don't need to swing the cleaver to get it down the throat of my grinder. I guess there is the possibility of getting a head in the bags, but to date that hasn't happened.