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Uk Savannah cats chat


Savannah Super Cat
Is it good to be a member of The Savannah Cat Club of GB for a owner or is the Club for breeders?

Thanks !


Site Supporter
Hi Frances, it is a good idea for anything UK specific, which Paige will facilitate :)

But for most general advice, there is a wealth of knowledge throughout this forum, from some of the most dedicated SV owners and breeders you could wish for.
NO TRUER WORDS WERE EVER SHARED. I CURTSEY TO THIS FORUM, I RESPECT AND ARE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE ADVISE! My kitty is also VERY THANKFUL(she loves the bone powder). Yesterday talking with Barry(glacier water fountains) mentioned this form(again in second conversation with him)and Barry said "Bless You"! See we're all THANKFUL!


Site Supporter
The integrity of some of the people involved in the club. That is all I can say at the moment, as there is a court case pending (I am not involved in this, but know of it).


Savannah Super Cat
Ok, thanks.
Hope we will know.

Missing my baby girl so so much !

If any of your owners need a baby sitter in London I am based in West London .:paw: