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Veterinarians by State

Sanura Exotics

Sanura Exotics Savannah cats
One of the Vets I use is also the same vet they use on exotics for Busch Gardens,which has Servals.

Location: Hampton Virginia
Dr. Dave Brinker
Todds Lane Veterinary Hospital
1309 Todds Lane
Hampton, VA 23666-1930
Phone: 757.826.7602
Fax: 757.838.5714

Dr. Dave Brinker established the practice. He received his undergraduate degree from Miami University (Ohio) in 1976 and worked as a zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo from 1976 - 1978. He graduated from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. After serving as an Army veterinarian at Ft. Monroe and Langley Air Force Base from 1981 - 1984 he practiced as a relief veterinarian for several are practices including the local emergency hospital and spent one year on staff at Pembroke Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach. Dr. Brinker is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Zoo Practitioners, the Association of Avian Practitioners, and the D. C. Academy of Veterinary Medicine.


Site Supporter
For anyone in the Tacoma Washington area.
My vet is Dr. Dill and he takes exotic cats and knows
what is right for them.

Dill Animal Hospital
1420 Meridian E. / Suite # 1
Milton, WA 98354
Phone: (253) 925-0800
Dr Dill is a really nice person to work with and
was recommended by my breeder
They sadly don't have 24Hr hours. But if you in need here is who they recommend.

If we are unavailable for any reason, we recommend calling:

The Animal Emergency Clinic in Tacoma
(253) 474-0791
5608 S. Durango
Tacoma, WA. 98409

Sumner Veterinary Hospital 24 hr Emergency
(253) 863-2258
16024 60th St E 16024 60th St E,
Sumner, WA 98390

VCA Pacific Avenue Veterinary 24 hr Emergency
(253) 537-0241
10234 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98444



Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Using the same Vet office as Patti (got this contact info from her post above). Very satisfied, as Patti stated they also work on larger, exotic cats which was a selling point for me. It's a bit of a drive for me, but worth it. Shango was happy with them, and will likely take Amaury there as well.

All Creatures Animal Clinic
4022 E Greenway Rd, Ste #7
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(located N. Phoenix, Greenway & 40th St)

Vet: Dr. Ingram (very knowledgeable & experienced, great sense of humor too!)


Staff member
New Jersey
Cat Exclusive
382 Bergen Blvd
Ridgefield NJ

Awesome cats only vet - incredible staff, listens intently to my worries and concerns and willing to research and discuss any new alternatives and/or treatments.


Loyal Servant
Santa Barbara, CA:

Santa Barbara Pet Hospital
Dr. Sherry Trujillo
1807 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

They have incredible care and patience with both of my cats and are well equipped to handle most major surgeries and routine care. Also understand breed specific needs. They are delighted to explore any questions I have when it comes to treatment and having/exploring an answer to satisfy the most fussiest of owners (me). Separate lobbies for cats and dogs.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Animal Medical Clinic
Dr. Douglas Brost
1102 East 10th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Animals treated: Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Rabbits, Hamsters etc.

He actually doesn't do too many exotics/hybrids but I was not the first client he had with savannah's either. He did very good with Neka and has done well with Sabriel as well. He was very, very caring when Neka was diagnosed with Lymphoma and it's a long story but he's a vet I would trust with any pet!

MK Anderson

Issaquah Wa
Issaquah Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Kim Rice
795 1st Ave
Issaquah, Wa 98027
Dr. Rice is wonderful
Interest are: Homeopathy, homotoxicology


Site Supporter
I recently had to take Tetsu in for a UTI and I went to this one on my list
Sumner Veterinary Hospital 24 hr Emergency
(253) 863-2258
16024 60th St E 16024 60th St E,
Sumner, WA 98390

They were very nice and did not cost near as much as the corporate vet clinics
do. So I can say with first hand experience that they are a good option.