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Wowza, cat food bill just went up 25%, need wet alternatives

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
I have the dog food stuff as my store doesn't sell the cat. But canned dog food just seemed to be better priced, so that is why I was curious if we could just feed out cats the canned dog food and add taurine. I also think the Merrick grain free is really good. But to answer your question my cats leave their feeding perch while eating their own food when I open up a can of this stuff. The pheasant really smells gamey, they all go crazy over it.


Savannah Super Cat
I did raw chicken and did not have time to grind it.
Expensive quail cat food .. Not to interested in ..
The savannha and Bengal have no trouble eating turkey breast also boarded ..$$$$



Staff member
Problem with any type of deli meat is the spices in them are not good for cats.

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Savannah Super Cat
Will limit to rare treats and
Can use the center portion

Found mice cat treats in the pet supermarket but it is an expensive treat

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
#18 is also a pretty good site to order off of. Have ordered off there a few times for my brothers cat and they ship for free over 50 dollars and consistently have coupons.


Savannah Super Cat
I am trying to find a can Nyah will eat to supplement her raw as she has decided the only thing a Princess Cat shall eat is venison and rabbit. She ate most of the weruva Peking duck, ignored the paw lickin chicken, ate the crab out of the tiki cat lanai luau. Frankly, it looked like worms! I have the tiki cat chicken puka puka luau I will try tomorrow. She won't eat raw chicken, so I will continue to try some of the others on this list. I have spent a small fortune on this trial and error process. She just doesn't care there are starving kittens in China!


Savannah Super Cat
I go with Feline's pride. I order 20lbs at a time which runs about $170-200 but it lasts me a couple months. I think that's a fair amount. In addition I buy some organic meats at the market. All together I think my cats eat really well :big grin: