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Yahoo News article on Savannahs

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
When we had the apartment building next to us renovated to be sold to a whole new set of upwardly mobile young folk... we had to do some breed education. A number had windows that looked down into our yard which is enclosed to allow our Savannahs to hang out in the fresh air safely. There were loads of "is that a wild cat?" type questions and you need to be patient with the "no, it's a domestic cat breed that is designed to look like a wild cat but behave exactly as a domestic cat", mention it eats cat food, uses a litterbox and curls up in bed. leads to a pdf of an article you can print out and give to your neighbors that might help.


Staff member
The side issues that are brought into discussion when articles like this are posted need to be addressed also. The article is about allegedly wild and dangerous hybrid cats. But, look at the responses -- most focus on the cost of the hybrids and how many animals are in shelters. Neither issue is germane to the original topic and its purpose. It makes me certifiably insane to see how easily people go off topic to their own agendas which solve nothing. My pat response to the shelter issue is -- If you want to make a difference spay/neuter your own pets and offer to do the same for people who can't afford it. Get out on the streets and preach the word instead of spouting off anonymously on the internet. And what business is it of perfect strangers how anyone chooses to spend their money? It seems as though very few people are capable of seeing an issue from a critical point of view without mucking it up with their own baggage. And this Breyer person needs to look up the definition of "integrity" and embrace it.

Well, now that I've got that off my chest, I'm ready for a cocktail (and I know John and rascaldad are :rolleyes: and thinking, "no surprise there.")

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I spent over an hour today on the phone with someone calling me who had just read this article, ugh. He has been interested in having a Savannah for some time, but certain catch-phrases and the prices quoted in the article worried him....I feel I eased his mind and educated him at the same time. This is the first time I have ever gotten a call from someone who had just read a negative article about SVs. Usually I am asked about size (i.e: the infamous pic of the giant F2 and the kids, lol), but I'm glad I knew exactly which article he was asking about and so could respond appropriately....geesh!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Just wanted to say thanks to the many members I saw that posted comments on the article. The majority of the comments didn't reflect on the issues in the article, but rather the feral cat and rescue issues we face. However the vast majority of the comments by these people didn't focus on how the issue of feral and rescue cats came to be. Certainly not the fault of hybrid owners and a great deal of us already foster shelter cats, while a few of us are involved in our local organizations.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all those who commented as it always makes a difference.


Savannah Super Cat
Has anyone read this Yahoo News article submitted by Melissa Breyers with Mother News Network?

I am vehemently angry right now......the amount of misinformation in this article is astounding. Why don't they bother to interview some people who OWN savannahs? Oh wait...because it would detract from their 'sensationlist' story.

Sorry....I'm just so upset about this kind of fodder.
What a crock! I know it won't change anything when it comes to small-minded people, but I ended up with a Yahoo acct. just so I could add my 2 cents. People can be led like sheep and are so darned ridiculous these days!