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Yeti to the rescue!


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PASS! I would probably kick the Butts of Judges, Prosecuting attorneys, Defense attorneys, but mostly just court attorneys. I have contempt for courts. And ya get in trouble if ya slap the :poop: out of them.

SV Dad

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Lemme see if I just understood what happened...... a defense counsel wanting to hire the court bailiff...???
Talk about rigging the game!:eek:
Mr. Campbell, I find you in contempt of court for overstepping your reach. I fine you 50 pounds of kitty litter.
NEW! not used!
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John Popp

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I have no idea what you all are talking about. :rolleyes: My little girl behaves perfectly. I ask her to drink some water and she complies. I say lets go for a walk, she jumps up on the arm of the couch so I can put on her harness. I say go to the lu she jumps in her box and does her business. I say time for bed, time to go nighty night. She follows me into the bedroom, climbs her stairs up to her suitcase and goes to bed. She is a precious angel. ;)tri wink: