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Zuri and First Few Kittens


Staff member
Thanks Brigitte! Zuri seems very, very tired tonight, but at least she got up for a soon as the kittens start crying, she runs right back to her nesting box...

The cinnamon kitten is really beautiful! I will have to get mug shots in a couple of days, if I can!! They weigh about 90 gm each as of tonight...and yes, I will have to try and figure out who is who...I will need to figure out a system ;)

Oh, Shelby can tell some funny stories ;)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I find that for the first few days mama cat does sleep a lot with her babies...and Zuri ought to be tired popping out all those kittens! OMG!

pet-safe nail polish I think is one way... if you can find enough colors... OPI makes a Pawlish line that's safe for pets :)

Once they are a little bigger though you will discern enough differences, well except when they are racing past fast in a blur of spots! LOL!

The Kasbah

Zuri gave birth to 8 kittens between Sunday and today, the 8th kitten born about 3 am...So far, they are all healthy and happy and doing cannot really see the kittens well yet, but that will come in time ;)

This picture was taken Sunday eve, July 22nd...Zuri is a great Mom! And thank you to Shelby, who allowed Zuri to visit Izzy and make such beautiful babies ;) Thank you to Shelby for being such a wonderful mentor and going above and beyond - she stayed with me on the phone all day yesterday into the early morning!

Thank you to all my friends, especially Trish, Sue A, Pam, Patti, Lori, Brigitte, Kristine, Cynthia, Per and all the other people who offered me help if I should need it and/or put up with me asking a million questions - could not have gotten here without you all! And I am really tired, so if I forgot anyone, please forgive me!

And thank you to everyone on the forum for all your support and excitement at this awesome event! I appreciate every one of you!!! I am so happy we have the forum as a means of talking about and sharing our awesome breed!
Congrats, Paige (and Zuri)!!! What a windfall for your first time!!! Eight is a HUGE litter, my friend! Anxious to see more photos in the coming weeks as they develop. Have you sexed them yet?



Site Supporter
I congratulate You and Zuri again!!! Babies are wonderful and Zuri looks very happy. I would like to show my kittens also ( the second litter from Ambiente and Diamond). The weight of kittens at birth - 135g and 150g and now - 215g and 245g (5 -th day). Diamond also is a good mom and s diamond 19.0712.jpg 2 день.jpg 4 days.jpg diamond 19.0712.jpg 4 days.jpg he does not want to go far away from her kittens
Congratulations Zuri and Paige on eight beautiful babies. They are so precious. Love the pictures and look forward to more as they grow.