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Zuri and First Few Kittens

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I will try the nail polish for now - thanks Brigitte! Sue, I don't like to put anything around their necks, but that is just me...thank you though for the suggestion.
I'm the same, Paige, when thinking about identification I'd feel worried about collars... luckily I've not had enough that we couldn't easily ID them without needing colors on them! I think with a litter of 8 though I'd need to consider it!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I congratulate You and Zuri again!!! Babies are wonderful and Zuri looks very happy. I would like to show my kittens also ( the second litter from Ambiente and Diamond). The weight of kittens at birth - 135g and 150g and now - 215g and 245g (5 -th day). Diamond also is a good mom and s View attachment 3774 View attachment 3775 View attachment 3776 View attachment 3774 View attachment 3776 he does not want to go far away from her kittens
Cute babies need their own thread I think :) congratulations!
I used Crayola markers to color the insides of the ears to tell newborns apart. Vixen has given me large litters- 6 to 8 babies- and I have been known to get very confused the first few weeks figuring them out :D


congrats Paige! Trish - I like your idea of the Crayola markers. The toenail thing is too small for me without my glasses on ;)