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Akila not gaining weight


Site Supporter
Thank you.....I think she is beautiful!!!! I am just going to opt out of giving her any appetite stimulating drugs at this time and see if she doesn’t gain some weight now that she is spayed.


Site Supporter
Thank you David!!! I think it’s going to be interesting to see how she grows!
I don’t care if she doesn’t get much bigger, as long as she’s healthy and happy!!!


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A quick update on Akila, the vet contacted me Tuesday with results from Akila's poop sample and it turns out that she is loaded ( vets words ) with Giardia cysts. She is on Panacur for 10 days, and then a poop recheck. The vet seems to think that she has had this since I got her. I just don't know why it hasn't been found sooner since she has had other poo cultures!!!
Also the vet thinks that this is probably why she is not gaining weight:(.
Hopefully when we get this cleared up she will start gaining weight and maybe she will catch up to where she should be. I think she will always be a petite girl:love::love:.


Savannah Super Cat
hmmm ... it took quite a while till the diagnoses came up for Giardia infection ... but better late than never ...
I hope that much little Akila will regain health to be fit - and also i think this will solve maybe also some other problems like behavior issues (see in your other post) ...

First Priority is gettting Aklia back to top fit - then take care of all other things - in my opinion the illness situation may cause many other problems by now - so keep your head straight - focus on the health issue - recheck also Kebi that she is not infected with Giardia too ...

prayers for Akila getting fit again - and fingers crossed ...


Staff member
Giardia can hide sometimes, but I'm glad to hear that you have finally found the culprit! I would think you should be treating Kebi at the same time, unless they use different litter boxes...


Site Supporter
Thanks for all the prayers and support. I agree that it took entirely too long to find this problem, but like Patti said and everything I've read Giardia can be sneaky!!!! Kebi and Akila do not use the same boxes, but Kebi will be rechecked when Akila is checked. Still looking for a new vet because I feel like this vet dropped the ball!!!
I will have Akila weighed when she finishes this medicine!!! Also it seems like this medicine makes her fur oily!