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Darwin's Natural Pet Food


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I'm struggling switching Ari to Darwins. A friend of mine took advantage of that deal and gave me a little. There's no room in my freezer for 10lbs of raw at the moment! (Currently feeding Seattle's Natural Pet Pantry...the ingredient list is very close to Darwins.. I just don't like that Darwins doesn't list the cuts of meat they use.) She went on a hunger strike. I tried placing a small amount of Darwins next to her usual, and she acted as though I contaminated her food.

Darwins looks like a very good brand. I had a few samples of Rad Cat and tried mixing it. She loves Rad Cat! (I believe Rad Cat uses gelatin to make it fluffy.) The hunger strike continued until she got too hungry! This cat is so darn stubborn! lol Boy, she was mad at me when I refused to give in! Nipping at me, strange meows, etc. (She still won't eat Darwins even after all that! The little stinker! It's about half the price of Natural Pet Pantry.) With this cat it's no venison, rabbit, or lamb. If it's raw, and not chicken or turkey NPP, it's hunger strike time!


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If she won't eat it, feed her something else...she may not like it...

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Thanks for the suggestion on this Paige. I may try it. With it getting scary feeding raw chicken I'd like an alternative for the ones that will only eat raw. Especially the F2 babies.


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Cats are just like kids - to us I'm sure it all looks the same, but to the cats there are definite differences and if they don't like it, they won't eat it!

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Yep, that is so true! My cats, even the ones that eat kibble and canned, won't touch Nature's Variety raw medallions. It does look pretty bland though. Like they watered down the meat or something.


Savannah Kitten
Oh, yeah... Ari won't touch Nature's Variety raw... I don't think she likes veggies and fruit in her raw! I'm pretty disappointed Ari may not take to switching to Darwins, but kitties all have different likes and dislikes. I recall speaking with one of the owners of NPP. She had said their brand was one of the more 'palatable' ones. They weren't surprised Ari didn't want to eat many other brands. (Rad Cat is the only other brand) She also won't touch Primal, Small Batch, Feline Natural, or Bravo. I guess I spoiled her more than I thought.. oops! ^^; My friend's cat (non savannah) will immediately eat any raw you put in front of her! lol With Ari, the raw often has to sit around for a few hours before she will eat it! (that room temp preference i suppose..) I've caught her trying to get into the kibble samples I acquired during a customer appreciation event at the local all natural pet supply store. Boy, what a mess she made! Preferring kibbles to raw when she didn't get what she wanted!

With shipping it would cost me around $5/ lb for Darwins. I live pretty close to Seattle, so shipping is cheaper. NPP is around $9 / lb.
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Mine like it Jennifer and the company is a small one - excellent customer service!

Thank you so much! Cat lovers don't know what there missing out on! I am so happy the cats like Darwin and great customer service . Cutting out the middle man, the prices are ridiculously affordable to feed raw all day. As a matter of fact, today he turned his nose up at rad cat and wanted Darwin. Lol

The convenience of the pouches is great too and easy to store. Doesn't take up a lot of space in freezer.

Thanks again and I highly recommend.

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