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Darwin's Natural Pet Food


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I just googled them and saw nothing bet bad reviews. Everyone loved the product but wasn't getting their shipment and would get no answer from email or phone.
I was surprised to see that you found bad reviews and did a google too. I didn't see anything bad about the food. Sadly I did see that the founder of the company, Shelby Gomas, died way back in 2010. Maybe the company's methods have changed since then. I stopped purchasing Feline's Pride in 2010 after I transitioned my elder DSHs to whole prey diet.

Rad Cat is another prepared raw food to investigate. It's made in Oregon but I think they have nationwide distribution.


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I have ordered felines pride since 2010...they are not great at answering the phone... I would order from someone else


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I know this is an older thread, but for anyone still interested in trying Darwin's they are still offering a 10 pound trial for $14.95 for new customers. I just placed an order for my picky F2 kitten, Shango.