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Girls vs. boys


Savannah Super Cat
We've only had one female cat as adults. Lots of females when I was younger living with my parents. I must agree with many on this discussion. Females are Divas, Prissy, Demanding and can be loving (on their terms ONLY). Our female was very sweet and if you brushed her, you were a friend for life, ;-). However, she did not like to be held much. Once in a while she would grace your lap with her presence. I would rest my arm on her as she slept next to me every night though, so she did like to be touched. We loved her dearly and still miss her even with all her prissiness. I however do prefer males because they do seem to be more affectionate, even keeled and willing to put up with more (snuggling, kissing).

MK Anderson

I prefer males every female I've owned is Bratty to say it nicely, lol! I have one now and she is the Queen B that rules the roost. She has her own bed and NO ONE CAT is to get on it, but the boys do have fun running across it just to hear her hiss. LOL

MK Anderson

I have 4 neutered males (3 savannahs) and my F3 savannah, Chuju is a total drama queen. He growls and hisses, and causes mayhem just for the hell of it. He is just like all of your descriptions of the girls.
Sounds like my Chloe! LOL


Savannah Child
Oh My CindyLou! She was my first SV, gotten as an adult retired Queen, and she completely stole my heart and sold me on the SV breed. She is a total brat! This morning, I slept in, NOT acceptable to Lou! She proceeded to knock everything off my dresser one by one until I threw a pillow at her. Since that didn't work she climbed our armoire and began shredding family pictures! This is typical of Lou. Once I gave up and got up, she was all sweetness and light, lol. She demands that I spend at least 5 mins every morning holding her like a baby and rubbing her ears while telling her how pretty she is. She is loud and bratty and thank God my boys are not like her! Even the F2 is no where near as difficult to live with as Lou. She completely owns the household. It is her outrageous personality however that endears her to me.

My boys on the other hand are calm, easygoing love machines. They get into mischief too, but they don't seem to do it just to piss us off, like CindyLou does. More that they are curious about things.

I don't know that I answered the OP, as to which I would prefer. I wouldn't want to be without either one:)