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Hello from Manu // Germany


Savannah Super Cat
Sounds great! Look forward to seeing pics!

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This is the website of the constructor - there are some nice examples of enclosures to see :)

It is worth a look - but sadly only for Germany and near Europe countries ...
(look best at the galleries : Katzengehege and Katzentunnel in the navigation - the site is german only)
Some well known Savannah Breeders in Germany have their enclosures made by Mönning :)

And the prices are payable ... not to expensive and the quality is worth it ...

Best cat wishes ...


Savannah Super Cat
And here some nice new pictures from the Horde (the Girls only - Garfield wasn't upstairs)

... Meanwhile in holidays - the balcony has been refurbished :)

Hetty's Pics :





Lina's Pics :



Nabila and me @ midday sleep :


Nabila's Pics :

NabilaBed (1).JPG

NabilaBed (2).JPG

NabilaBed (3).JPG

NabilaBed (4).JPG

NabilaBed (5).JPG

NabilaBed (7).JPG

These "in da bed" pics are just soooo cute !!!

NabilaRelax (1).JPG

NabilaRelax (2).JPG


hope you ... enjoyed ...

Happy cat wishes :)


Staff member
It sounds like a wonderful outdoor enclosure, I would love to see pics of it as it gets completed! I'm sure the cats will love it!!!
P.S. - love all the kitty pics!


Savannah Super Cat
... Just to say ...

as mentioned before Garfield is still not used to my F1 Savannah Nabila girl ... she is just too dominating in her presence - two days ago we got another visit from another neighbour male cat - a tiny black one named Balu ... he jumped into Mum's bathroom through the open window ... and met the little Lina ... ok i thought it could be, he is a bit less frightened than Garfield - but ... little Lina puffed anything she had (she was then twice as big than normal with 3.5 kg) - and Balu was shocked - another red one ! (he knows Garfield from outside - and always Garfiled tells him where to be - not in his way!) So the encounter with Lina was a thing of no courage & no interest besides Balu - then Nabila & Hetty came around too ... and that was it ... Balu was sitting at the window bench looked down to the 3 interested girls around ... and he just went from small to smaller to smallest - so that i decide to let him jump out to get off my 3 courios girls - he was ... just much more scaredy than Garfield ...

poor little Balu ...

my girls are normally mean no harm to any male cats ... but ... 3 was way too much :)
For sure no one got harmed in the unplanned encounter ...


Savannah Super Cat
Future plans for the Horde :

Step one : in October - preparations for the outdoor enclosure - measurement / planning - fixing the built up date
Step two : winter 2018 - spring 2019 built up the enclosure - 64 squaremeter
Step three : spring 2018 - ? enclosure decorating :)
Step four : Nabila's mating with Serval Simba (trying again to get together - hopefully not again failing cause of a time issue)

- and then we will see -


Savannah Super Cat
What kind of cat was Nabila's mom?
Nabila's mum Anna is an F5C Savannah (SST colored also very bright silver) she had as grand grand parent a oriental outcross in the lingne ...

She is such a good girl - so lovely and heart warming - she shows me anytime how she owe me :) in the warm day's she loves to wash my salty skin at the arms or head ... i hope my head / arm fur still remains in the future :)

Happy cat wishes ...


Savannah Super Cat
Time for some news from the Horde ...

2 weeks ago Hetty was having a bad stomach - she was vomitting 3 day's and lost a bit weight ... after the visit by the vet a day after the vomitting starts she was on MCP (Metoclopramid) treatment and got a stabilizing perfusion, x-ray control came up empty, therefore nothing else to worry - 2 day's later she got better and better - now she's completly back to normal and regained the lost weight ...

We really don't know what caused her sickness - maybe somtehing was wrong with the food ... i removed the food charge what i suspected caused her sickness - had not happend again ... fingers crossed.