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i made a reservation for an f2 marble kitten (pics)


Savannah Super Cat
Oke, i'm now on the bed playing with him.
he's really active right now.

If he starts meowing again i put on the radio and go sleep in my own room.

So far so good today. 9.38Pm now yesterday he started at 9.

Ooo, he just starts meowing while i write this, see how it turns...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Ear plugs will not do, it's simply to loud.

I don't know if it's important i spend the night with him.
It's not in my bedroom he's in, i can simply go lay in my own bed with my other cat and have a good sleep.
Ear plugs may not completely block the sound, but they can remove some of the volume and high pitch so that it is less traumatic to hear...


Savannah Super Cat
Then Trish is completely correct, he's VERY young to be all alone and taken away from all that he knows. An older kitten is just more confident in themselves so better able to handle the changes involved in going to a new home. He's a very scared baby crying for his sister and his home :-(
yes i guess so.

Hopefully it doesn't last for weeks.

I'm really happy with the progress i made the last 3 days.
I didn't go working and spend more then 20 hours in the room a day.


Savannah Super Cat
Oke, it lasted till 10.30PM today.

Now i putted him in his crate and covered it with blankets.
Now i'm gonna go sleep in my own room.
Normally i sleep every night with bollie so i'm sure he missed me.
He sits all days waiting by my bedroom door.

I wake up again at 6am for themba.

I putted on the radio for him.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Chongo definitely liked the blanket over his crate when he was convalescing, and it did dampen some of his tone. Not that it was completely covered, about 2/3s, but it was easy enough to change given the level of interaction we were having and when he was content by himself.

BTW, Chongo came to our home at just 8 weeks old and was an extremely confident kitten. He had much more anxiety over being confined than his siblings absence. The breeder had said they don't normally let kittens go that young, "but this one isn't going to have an issue".
Babies are hard. I remember back when I did rescue and boy oh boy, so much did I need to learn! Kittens are SUCH babies from 0-12 weeks. People just don't realize it. And kittens can be just as harsh on the ear drums as a crying puppy! (Or human baby!)