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Introducing Baby Baboo!


Site Supporter
Took Baboo to the vet finally. His appointment was delayed several days since most of the city lost power due to high winds. He charmed all the ladies :). We had a couple techs and interns come in the room that weren't assigned to us for the appointment but couldn't resist coming to play with him and take pictures once word got around that there was a cute savannah kitten. The vet was wonderful and she seemed pleasantly surprised how mellow and sweet he is. While the office sees 3 other Savannah's, she personally only sees 1 and based on her tone and the fact that she called him "wild" it seems like it hasn't been a pleasant experience. Fortunately she doesn't hold it against the rest of the breed. She proclaimed him "perfect, sweet and very very handsome" tri big grin:

At 14 weeks he's weighing in at 4.85lbs. Right now his favorite place to sleep at night is across my neck but if he keeps growing at this rate, he will either have to move or end up killing me.


Staff member
He is sooo adorable!!!

Glad to hear that the vet visit went well, and your vet was able to have a positive Savannah experience!