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Jake, "Elsa's Best Friend", Passes

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Sorry to hear of Jake's passing. RIP Jake.
You gave him a great home and he gave you great comfort and companionship in return. Pass along my condolences to his best friend Elsa, and you also.


Staff member
This is so sad, I understand the loss you feel. We lost our male Mastiff the weekend before halloween. This caused his "sister" to go into depression and she chewed her tail up pretty badly. She has not known a day without him.
The only positive is that it led us to bringing home our newest family member, an F5 female kitten, to keep her company. The chewing has ceased and is healing and all is going well with the two of them.
Sorry for your loss. They may be gone, but never forgotten.
I'm sorry for your loss as well! I'm glad the kitten has eased the pain of your mastiffs sister... And yes... Never forgotten!

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John, it's with great sadness learning of your significant loss of your Jake. Jake was your rock when you almost lost Elsa. He helped you through a very bad nightmare, not knowing from day to day if Elsa would make it. Elsa fought for her recovery! Jake had many enjoyable & wonderful trips to grandma's watching Elsa sit in the window curious about squirrels. He'll always be with you and Elsa in spirit, he's happy Elsa will be with you so your not alone. Bless you all in this time of sorrow.


Site Supporter
John, no words can express the loss of one's fur child. You were lucky to have had 16 years with him!! Count your blessing and I mourn for your loss.!!


Savannah Super Cat
John and Elsa,
Sorry about your buddy Jake's passing. Keep each other company and share your grief.

Jim (and Yuki, Yeti, and Paz)