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my f4 just got outside and i cant find him

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Well Paige, go figure as I believe it was you who gave me the advice in the first place. It actually does work great, and Chongo understands the whole procedure of what has to happen for him to get outside. First the walking jacket, then the leash attached and then somewhat patiently waiting for me to pick him up and take him outside.

I also think even without a leash if you made a walking jacket part of the routine of going outside, that could work as well.
I had a stool that I would always sit my cats on to put on their walking jackets before taking outside for a walk. One of my F2s loved walks so much anytime you went anywhere near the stool she'd jump up there and start purring in anticipation. It's great to make a location AWAY from the door the place where they get their walking jacket on, and then go outside under your steam not walking themselves... I think it helps reduce the door darting...


Savannah Super Cat
Thank goodness he came home! I let mine out to play in the back yard, but I always let them out from their attached enclosure and not the back door. So they run to the enclosure gate to be let out.