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Some may think this silly but in the past we have let the vet take
care of the body. This time I went the other way and had a private
cremation so that I can take care of they. We may be moving soon
so I will find a nice urn for him and keep them in a safe place.
Not silly at all. I have the ashes of my last 2 cats sitting in urns on my dresser. I hope it brings you some measure of peace.
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When I went to the vet today to pick up Tetsu's ashes the vet had placed
a very nice card in with what I was picking up. Also they had done paw prints
in some clay with his name.

I thought was a very nice thing to do. Also I really happen to like this vet.
I am very glad that Dr Dill was available to help us at this time.

And his newest vet to the staff was there today and he had some kind words
and said that we did everything right and that there was nothing different that
I could of done.


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Sean, I am so sorry for your loss :(

I too opted to have a private cremation when Kai passed away. I even had a Rainbow Bridge Heart made from some of his ashes so I have a beautiful piece of glass art to keep on my desk.

It sounds like you/Tetsu had a wonderful vet. Very thoughtful of them doing his paw prints in clay :love:


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It going to be a week tomorrow and Bella has settled down from what I can tell.
But Mokkun is still calling and searching for his brother.

I don't know if it's the right thing to do but one of my hoodies that had Tetsu's sent
on it has not been washed and both Bella and Mokkun sniff and run on it.

Mokkun is back to his normal feeding schedule it seems like now. I think he was just
eating everything that Tetsu was not eating.

I want to Thank Everyone for the support.


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So very sorry Sean. I really wish there had been a happier ending. Take comfort with Bella and Mokkun. Please know that we are here for you. Hugs and prayers.


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Have any of you had to deal with the death of a cat sibling?
Tetsu's brother Mokkun is really doing a lot of searching.

I know with my himalayan Daphne. She searched for the don for
just a few days. They had been buddies for a few years.

So how long will he keep searching?


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It depends on Mokkun. Like people, no two cats have the same emotional attachments to their siblings. He sounds like it was a close relationship. Try to keep him distracted. Alone is hard during this time.