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Sean, a cat that does not eat can develop fatty liver within 2 or 3 days. Fatty liver develops when the cat starts burning body fat for energy. As a result, the liver is overwhelmed and the result is fatty liver disease. A cat with fatty liver will not eat. If he is not eating anything, he needs to return to the vet ASAP.

John Popp

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At minimum, you need to be getting 3 tablespoons of food and a cup of water in Tetsu each day. Things can go south in a real hurry without getting some food in him, and as Rafiki mentioned the other issues not eating can cause will make him a really tough patient to diagnose.


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He is getting forced feedings.
The problem is that by syringe feeding I am having a
hard enough time getting the needed calories into him.

The vet gave me a target to work for.

John Popp

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That's good, it's definitely trying to do it multiple times a day, although I've on and off had to do it with Dooley so often neither he nor I seem to mind much.

Not sure what Tetsu normally eats, but venison was a good alternative for us. High calories from protein, low fat which will help the pancreatitis symptoms at a time when we just needed something to charge up the battery.

Also, I have a large oral syringe that works great. I hopped about 2/3s off the tip, its about an inch and a half in diameter and I can squeeze through loosely ground chicken through, bones and all.

We're all pulling for you and Tetsu!


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I had put chicken out for Bella and saw her walk away.
Not sure if Mokkun snacked on it of if Tetsu did have some
because he did walk out of the utility room. So being unsure
I put out more and cut it up into small pea sized bits and
left him and the bowl in the room with the door closed for
15 minutes. When I went back in it was moved around in the
bowl and maybe some was gone. I feed him about an hr later.


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I am so stupid. I was cleaning the refrigerator because a frozen bag
of chicken leaked all over the place. It gave me an idea on feeding.
Tetsu will eat/lick chicken and the melt juice from freezing it. That
small amount is not enough BUT as I was cleaning the * hit. The blender
over in the cupboard could be used to liquify the chicken.

This is what happened after a trip through the blender + 10cc of water.
It makes it into something like a slushy but not cold like one.

I got on the big feeding syringe and it filled up nicely. I found Tetsu and
grabbed a big towel thinking it could get messy. It did to some extent
BUT he did not spit as much back at me as with the formula or the
Nutra-cal. I got about 20 to 25 cc into him maybe even more.

We will just have to see how this works and if it does then I can add
some nutrients to the blend.


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That's a great idea! Hopefully it will work! Please let us know. When does he go back to vet?

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Tomorrow is the plan.
I did find a pouch type of food that is in the flavor he seems to like (chicken).
It would only take 3 to meet his daily needs and is less food to push in.
He did not loose any of the food I gave him. So much better for the food to
stay in the cat.

John Popp

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Weruva has some decent food, just stay away from anything with fish.

Here's some other ones they have that would fit the bill as well.

WERUVA Cats in the Kitchen cans Chicken Frick ‘A Zee
WERUVA Original - Chicken & Beef Paw Lickin’ Chicken
WERUVA Truluxe Quick ’N Quirky
WERUVA Truluxe On the Cat Wok