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Site Supporter
Well I have seen him at the water bowl and the fountain drinking.
I found something else that he likes even better than the baby food.
Stella And Chewy's cat food. Yes it's dehydrated so I will have to push
some more water on him but he did drink after he ate a good amount.
The chunks are about the size on a hazel nut and I think he had 5 or 6
of them for his first real meal in days. The nice thing is they are soft
and he has always liked dry kibble type things.

I will still be giving him extra food and water. He did not get any pain meds
for the last 24 Hrs and is doing well with that it seems.

Also he is using the box and not the floor or any thing on the floor. :)


Staff member
Good news Sean. Keeping fingers crossed that he continues to improve. I hope you are taking care of yourself too. Sick furkids take a toll on us humans physically and emotionally.


Site Supporter
With pancreatitis, getting the pain to subside is key. Once that happens, they start eating again. It does take a few days but the improvement should be very noticeable. You do need to keep him hydrated to prevent the toxins from building up again and causing the pancreatitis to reoccur.


Site Supporter
Well he is still not doing well and loosing weight.
He does not seem to be in any pain right now. He
just will not eat. He is also spending a lot of time
in the crate but he does still come out to sit in lap.