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Rafiki needs your prayers


Site Supporter
I forgot to mention that I had a follow up appointment for Rafiki this past Tuesday, Sept 18.

The lymph node has shrunk considerably. It is now like a squashed (flattened) grape instead of a brussel sprout. The vet was very pleased. Apparently the antibiotic worked.

We did a swab/culture for both ears. Some bacteria remained, this time in both ears. They wanted to give her something that would have entailed a return vet visit in 7 days and I informed him that this was not acceptable. They did some research and came back with a solution - an antibiotic that would work for 21 days. Perfect! They cleaned both ears and put the drops in.

The change in Rafiki has been dramatic. Within 48 hours, hubby was saying what a monster she had turned back into! Running around, knocking stuff over, teasing Jammu, interrupting hubby as he tried to work......the usual SV nonsense!

We are now 6 days later and Rafiki continues to thrive. Today was the first day of a 2 bathroom remodel and she was out to greet the contractors when they arrived. The banging noises caused Jammu to hide under the bed even after they had left while Rafiki was waiting at the door to be let out.

I am a very happy camper tonight!


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I’m am so glad o hear all is going well:):)....I have been going through ear issues with Akila also.
Are ear infections common in Savannah’s?


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Akila, I do not know if Savannahs are particularly prone to ear infections. Rafiki's initial ear infection in 2015 was mycoplasma. Myco normally is respiratory (the human variant causes walking pneumonia). Myco in the middle ear is extremely rare and very difficult to treat.