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Tree question

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Wow! Awesome tree Laura! Maybe someday once my life settles more Cyro will be that lucky (since I'm currently in an apartment, I think it'd be a little tricky to get something that big inside). Right now he's 6 months old, and these past two months his growth has been slowing down a lot. I don't have a scale to weigh him, but, I'm guessing he's probably around 8-10lbs ... I can still pick him up with one hand, but, he's definitely heavier than he was at 4 months. It does make sense you'd need a more sturdy tree with an F2.

I ended up going ahead and buying the Armarkat tree ... it's due to arrive on Friday, so I'll let you guys know what he thinks of it/how it holds up to his initial inspection :)

John, most of the time he doesn't attack his current scratching tree platform ... unless (as was the case last night) he's feeling ornery, in which case he'll run around the house growling, running up and down his tree post, and scratching at the carpet on the top of the post (he was mad because I just put up my Christmas tree, and was squirting him with water every time he started to go after an ornament) :roflmao:
He's going to love his new tree! Hard to say who gets more excited with new toys for our babies, us or them!:)


Savannah Super Cat
So, the Americat tree arrived today. Overall built well, however, it's a bit wobbly when Cyro jumps from the ground onto one of the platforms, and since most of the surfaces are curved, that means I can't put it in the corner for stability. I have it up against a wall, which helps, however, depending on how much more he grows I may have to either create a heavier base, or anchor it to something. Attached is a picture of his current play set up. IMAG0639.jpg