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Bad reaction to anesthesia?!?syringe force feeding?!?!


Savannah Super Cat
What kind of litter do you guys use?? For more sterility I put walnut shell? Type litter in his litter box instead of regular clumping litter Bc I was told the dust is not good for the wounds. But he keeps looking at his litter box funny. I mean he's using it but he knows it's not his litter. Also how many times a day does a cat normally poop?? He's been peeing but he hasn't pooped since he's been home


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Mine poop once a day USUALLY. Sometimes more often. I would not worry. If he is peeing, then he will poop when he has to. Also... Him not feelin' good, Mama. So much is outa sorts in his world. He will be ok with you watching over him.. :)


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Also, I am glad you are doing ok. Stress like this is never fun. Just know that there is a community of Savannah slaves waiting, praying and watching, and we are here for you. :)


Staff member
I'm so happy you were able to get him to a vet... I would put a bit of his clumping litter in with the walnut, just so he is not too surprised at the litter... And it may take a day or two for him to poop so don't worry


Staff member
What a relief to hear that he's doing better. Remember to find out what type of anesthesia the vet used and to get it noted on his chart at the new vets to avoid in future if anesthesia is required.


Staff member
I'm so glad you took him to the ER vet! And very glad to hear he is feeling better and back to purring. I know it is tough to syringe feed him, but he needs much more than 1cc of water unless you are making his food really soupy. How often are you feeding him?

As for the litter, you might want to consider getting a crystal litter as that is supposed to be low on dust: although it's hard to know if he will accept it, if he is balking at the walnut litter.

He may not poop for a couple of days - anesthesia tends to slow down the gut, as do many pain medications. Plus he is not eating as he normally does, all that can throw off his normal routine.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've only just read this, I am SO sorry for you ...and so angry about the vet care he got at that place! OMG! If a vet made this mistake they should be bending over backwards to help your poor kitty now! That's terrible :-(

I hope he takes the food syringed. I might consider offering something like chicken baby food on a spoon once he's had his pain meds and just see if he feels like licking something up. Realistically though, if you can't see into his mouth we can't know how BAD the injuries are there and then how long it will be before he even wants to use that. Just makes me tear up to think about it :-(

I am sure Koda knows that you are helping him, they are smart kitties and through all of Zari's illness she's ended up with a hatred of the vet hospital but we're bonded closer than ever. She completely understood that all that I did was for her,despite hating the meds I was forcing into her all the time and taking her to the vet for horrible procedures all the time.

Keep an eye on his hydration, he might need fluids as he heals if you can't syringe enough into him. And yes, the anesthesia and the pain meds will slow his gut so he may not poop too soon. I agree with Patti's suggestion of crystal litter if you are worried about his paws...although what he's used to if clean should be ok. Or you could try a puppy pee pad in a litterbox and see if he would accept that? Those things are scented so they know to pee there...

I hope his poor mouth heals fast. Please do find out what anesthesia caused this!


Site Supporter
And speaking of that is a huge concern, do you know how to test for it? The skin turgor test?
If you pull the skin up at the scruff of the neck and it doesn't settle back down within a second or 2, the cat is dehydrated.