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Desperate (and possibly last) Call for Help....


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I know how frustrated you all must be. I hope Marilyn can help. One last try??

River Ridge
West Virginia


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Aaron, I really hope that you manage to find the issue. I have a female same age who was having similar issues. She pee'd on my foster daughter's bed (door now permanently closed!), she also went on mine and a few other places she shouldn't! I definitely believe that it is a means of communication. They are trying to tell us that there is a problem. I think I have solved mine, at least I hope I have! reading about the things you have tried already I doubt what's worked for me will work for you. The only other thing is does your kitten have access to an outdoor enclosure? I can't remember reading if he has outside time. Does your other cat go outside? It was causing my kitten stress being separated from my other two cats - when they went outside without her or at night while I was separating her from them - during our introduction phase! I also got some good advice from the soiling article I was given on here. Does your kitten cover up his wee and poo? My kitten doesn't unless the litter is very fine and sand like. Apparently cats prone to house soiling don't. My kitten is definitely happier in the company of the cats and so allowing her to run with them 24/7 seems to have met her needs. I only have experience of this kitten so am in no way able to advise. Just wanted you to know that there is hope. I know how upsetting and frustrating it is but good luck with Marilyn and try and hang in there just a bit longer :)