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Goodbye My Little Man

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
My heart is breaking for you, Patryjca, that is one of the hardest things we have to do as a pet owner. It is the kindest thing we can do sometimes for our beloved furry ones... ending their suffering even though it hurts us badly to do it. I've had to hold my Aziza for the same reason and just remembering brings tightness to my chest and tears to my eyes. Big hugs to you!


He really was one of the most gorgeous smoke babies I have ever seen and I was so excited for you, and to see him grow up on the forums. You really did all the best you could Patrycja, so sorry and RIP Lowkey :cat:


Savannah Super Cat
I am soon sorry for your loss... It's the worst thing to have to go through. I've been in your shoes, back in November we had to put our bloodhound down after being in an accident. The euthanasia was the worst thing to bear and prior to that we lost a Bengal. It was an unfortunate time period. After we lost one of our bengals it felt like the world was over, some time will pass and it will be easier. Just think of all the great memories you had with lowkey. You did the right thing and he isn't in pain. You have him a great life with lots of love and comfort when you had him. Rip cute little kitty <3


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Sorry to hear of your loss. I must admit you made me cry also. The loss of your baby or bringing back the thoughts of a cat we had to put down, i'm not sure. It is very difficult. You did the right thing.


Savannah Super Cat
Patrycja, I am so very sorry to read that Lowkey had to cross the rainbow bridge. He really was a beautiful little soul. You gave him all the love you could in his short little life. My heart is with you and your family. Still crying trying to get through this post. Hugs


Lowkey left this world on April 17th around 9PM. We were out on the balcony and he was on the dinner tray looking over the rail when he started meowing. We look and he tries to climb down my husbands shoulder and then he just falls to the floor. We scoop him up and set him in my husbands lap and he is so disoriented. He starts to raise one arm as if his tendon is too short, lips tight against his teeth. I almost ran out the door with him with just my nightie and underwear but my husband stopped me. We get to the emergency vet and the vet wants to do blood work and to see if he has fluid in his.stomach. An hour later he sits with us and doesn't have good news. His red blood count is 18, down from 23 a few days prior which my vet could not diagnose after keeping him overnight. Lowkey also had an obstruction in his abdomen and 4% blood in his stomach. After crying my eyes out we decide it's his time. The vet called around 10:30 to let me know the results of the autopsy and he had FIP. That was my first experience with euthanasia and it was horrifying. Hearing him cry before they brought him in was gut wrenching. The way he crawled to our hands with only three legs because the other had the iv in it broke my heart. The vet asked if we wanted a minute alone and of course I said yes. It felt like ten seconds before he came back in. He explained how it worked and we started the process. First he gets put to sleep and i hold my breath. Then the fluid that kills get pushed into the iv and I wanted to scream. The vet left and I started sobbing and apologizing to his now lifeless body. When I would pet him it seemed like he was still breathing so I would stop and then start again. He was so little. Looking back at his first picture and looking at the most recent, you couldn't tell if he had grown. God I loved you so much and I will miss you. I know I have my other two amazing cats but the apartment feels so empty. I burst in to tears if my mind isn't busy. I will never forget you and I promise to bury your ashes somewhere nice when we move to Maryland.

I will upload his most recent photos once I get home. I cried through this entire post.
I am so sorry for your loss. FIP is nasty and cruel. It does not discriminate, it can affect all catteries and all breeds. I am just so, so sorry you have had to go through it, having gone through it myself, I know how terribly it hurts.


Sorry it's been a few days since I've replied to this thread (also didn't post pictures like I said). It's just been a rough few days and I didn't even want to get on the computer. It was hard to get a lot of the images of his last day out of my head but I feel much better today and all of your words have helped. I read what I wrote over and over and I apologize for how extreme it is! I was just so emotional.

And thank you EVERYONE for your words. I drove around with my husband the past few days (technician) because I didn't want to be alone and I would peak at the replies and they always made me feel better. I just couldn't attach photos via mobile phone and by the time we would get home I was just couch locked. I just finally had to suck it up and get on! I wanted to share some photos with you all. Thank you for being patient!

Continued in next reply (sorry, unable to download them to this PC so using direct links :/)