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Naming Your SV

Darcy J

Savannah Adult
I named my 5 yr old F4 Xayla, and just got a 4 month old F5 male and he is Dakhari. I had to be different since I also have to domestics 9 yr old male Max and 6 yr old Kloey. Lol. ☺️
We name all our cats after dragons from World of Warcraft... So our moggies are/have been: Onyxia, Nefarian, Ebyssian and Anachronos, our silver bengal is Sindragosa, and our SV is the red dragon queen herself, Alexstrasza (OK, she's Sonnenblume Flower officially, but...)

They get/were shortened to Ony, Neffy, Ebi, Ani, Sindy and Lexi for ease of calling out to them!


Savannah Kitten
I have a Maya. After the author Maya Angelou. For a while I named cats after authors. Then I had a Pixiebob I had to put to sleep at 10 months for HCM. His was the last. Now it's just what I feel. I have a sphynx that's the baby of my crew and we call him Messy. That shoukd say it all. Don't be Messy!