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Go Cat Wheel


Savannah Super Cat
The [HASHTAG]#GoCatWheel[/HASHTAG] is a MUST have for the 'active', or curious cat. It is the perfect outlet for releasing energy while getting exercise and having fun all at the same time! Your cat is sure to have a furtastik time as he/she runs to exhaustion.

My F2 SV, Savannah :drink: loves loves loves this wheel! She is on it literally every day. At times she walks, at times she runs and at times she really gets crazy and runs as though she were a cheetah chasing a gazelle across the Safari. This wheel truly is amazing. It is simply designed, lightweight, glides smoothly and aesthetically pleasing. There are 2 items that every cat owner should have:
1. A terrific Cat Tree
2. A fantastic Cat Wheel

I highly recommend this brand of Cat Wheel. I only wish I would have purchased one sooner.:)

Here is Savannah running on her [HASHTAG]#GoCatWheel[/HASHTAG] with my niece along side:


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Thanks for that review and awesome video Pebbles1969!! I should be getting mine on Monday and hopefully my kitties enjoy it too. :) They both love running full out but are not so great at turning corners.


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The GoCatWheel arrived yesterday. It was fairly simply to put together with the only minor pain being the color film strips to lay over the outside seams. It wasn't too bad just annoying for me to line them up and get them on straight.

I had ordered the wheel in white because I was not sure which room it would ultimately end up in. Turns out the white has no color film, it's just the color of the corrugated plastic that the wheel is made of and so the white color strips do not match exactly. I emailed support about this and they said they would send me new color strips that would match better. I may just order a color film as much as I disliked applying the strips I think that it would help protect the plastic. Smooch is of the opinion that it may be fun to run on TOP of the wheel while Leo is running inside.

So I easily coaxed them both inside with the laser pointer. I found that keeping my hand near the wheel to stop it when they stopped made them a bit less nervous. Smooch takes a bit of work to get going as she wants to pounce instead of run, but she's starting to get the hang of it. Leo is absolutely obsessed with it and walks, trots, runs, full gallops. He slept REALLY well last night. :) Zonked out right after he ate.

All in all a very well made product. It is also very quiet. I will upload videos and post them tomorrow.

2015-08-17 19.27.53.jpg


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I can't wait to get mine now so I can try it. Should be here next Monday. I got white as well so I'll let you know if mine match. I thought the white would just be as is, with no vinyl pieces.


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Leo now runs full out with a far off look in his eyes, ears half back, as if he is chasing something. So adorable!!! I'm sorry I didn't get this sooner. Smooch still needs to be coaxed in and I get her to go for a bit then give her lots of love and treats. It took her a long time to trust crinkle tunnels but once she did she zooms through them non stop so it may take her a bit more before she does it on her own. HA Leo wore himself out and is now stretched out in the wheel snoozing. :)