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Go Cat Wheel


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A laser light got mine started but they would get too crazy jumping for the light and fall out. If I put my hand on the outside of the ring they see a faint shadow move and then start running. DO NOT put hands on the inside of the wheel! Learned that one trying to smooth an inside sticker.

Leo took to it immediately and was doing the walking thing for the first week. Once he started running he would stop and look over his shoulder waiting for me to say "Good boy!", lol. Smooch took over a week to get on without coaxing. Also try the laser on the outside of the wheel. When they get in on their own and get in "the zone", tail up, ears kind of back, it's a beautiful thing.


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On the home page, is an ad for the cat wheel... Just click on it and it will take you to the page...

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DO NOT put hands on the inside of the wheel! Learned that one trying to smooth an inside sticker.
:roflmao: K this tip seems so obvious to me. It's like a Duh Statement, You think????? Playing fetch with an SV, quickly teaches one to grab fast and through even quicker, or something like that :)

IDK, just one of those experienced Savannah logical conclusions. :roflmao:

Rufio is really getting into the wheel. Every time I cheer him on though, he stops and looks at me saying, WTF do you want?? I wave him off and give him the thumbs up, then he goes back to jogging. lmao.

Shinning the laser from the outside, kind of worked, but is not bright enough to capture his interest.!!! The rest of the gang are not as enthralled as Rufus is, but feel likely that wills change as my baby boy maxes out the wheel.

Haven't explored any alternate Universes yet, but feel it's just a matter of time till Rufio hits transfurence velocity.


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So proud of my boy Rufio.!!! He continues to have interest in the wheel and has gotten up to a trot, without any encouragement. Can't wait till he get's up to full speed.
Oh that's so fun. I've been thinking how to exercise fun!

The [HASHTAG]#GoCatWheel[/HASHTAG] is a MUST have for the 'active', or curious cat. It is the perfect outlet for releasing energy while getting exercise and having fun all at the same time! Your cat is sure to have a furtastik time as he/she runs to exhaustion.

My F2 SV, Savannah :drink: loves loves loves this wheel! She is on it literally every day. At times she walks, at times she runs and at times she really gets crazy and runs as though she were a cheetah chasing a gazelle across the Safari. This wheel truly is amazing. It is simply designed, lightweight, glides smoothly and aesthetically pleasing. There are 2 items that every cat owner should have:
1. A terrific Cat Tree
2. A fantastic Cat Wheel

I highly recommend this brand of Cat Wheel. I only wish I would have purchased one sooner.:)

Here is Savannah running on her [HASHTAG]#GoCatWheel[/HASHTAG] with my niece along side: